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Ovulation Calculator and Natural Ways to Predict Ovulation
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Ovulation Calculator and Natural Ways to Predict Ovulation

Ovulation is a process in which one or more mature eggs are being released from one of your ovaries and travel down through the fallopian tube then sperm cell may produce by the fertilization. This is said to be a most fertile time of your menstrual cycle. At this stage, the uterine wall will be thick and prepared for fertilization. About 15 to 20 eggs mature inside ovaries, this happens during each menstrual cycle. There is the ripest egg that is released for fertilization. An ovary which releases the egg is fairly random.

What is an ovulation calculator?

This is a fact that, if you and your partner have sexual intercourse at the time of ovulation the chances of getting pregnant are quite high. An Ovulation calculator free helps you to predict when you are most fertile and hence you are most likely to be ovulating. The basic feature of an online ovulation calculator is that it tells the estimate due dates by this you can conceive on one of those “fertile days”.

What Are The Other Natural Ways To Check For Ovulation?

If you want to get the accurate result from the Ovulation calendar calculator then you should use it along with one of these methods:

Basal Body Temperature Chart

The method keeps track where you are in your menstrual cycle. This is a great way of tracking the changes in temperature that being happen after your ovulation. This could not determine when ovulation will be, but from a few cycles, you can look at the chart you can see a phase from which ovulation will be estimated.


Mittelschmerz is the pain that most of the women experience during ovulation. This is a severe sharp pain in a lower abdomen. You usually feel this pain in the right side of the lower abdomen and may last from minutes to a few hours.

Cervical Mucus Monitoring

Throughout the menstrual cycle, there are several changes in hormone levels, which the texture and volume of your cervical mucus will experience with several changes. By admitting the changes, ovulation can be predicted.

Prior to ovulation

After your menstrual cycle, this is the first few days, during these days you will have a very low chance of getting pregnant. You will no discharge at all and also feel dryness.

Near ovulation

You should use a finger test if the mucus moist or sticky in consistency breaks easily and whitish in color.  You just pull your fingers around 1 cm apart before mucus breaks. Later on, the feature of mucus will move into more stretchy when you using finger test. There will be a great chance of pregnancy.

During ovulation

In this phase, cervical mucus is just like egg white, it is thinnest, has the high amount and it is clearest. When you use finger test then mucus will stretch in several cms before it breaks. The amount of mucus will persist to increase until it reaches the “mucous peak”. Thus, up to 72 hours, the sperm can survive in the cervical mucus. However, the chances of getting pregnant are quite high.

After ovulation
In this phase, the cervical mucus returns to its sticky consistency.
2018-12-05 01:03 PM
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